The Origin Story

The Real Introduction.

This starts after I was denied to pursue my favorite career option- Ice Speed Skating.

So, consecutively for 6 years of my life, I was entirely dedicated to the sport. It was my girlfriend, my soulmate, my everything.

Unfortunately, I couldn't due to many reasons. This was the root or the seed of several issues like overthinking depression, and occasional but extreme suicidal feelings.

When you truly love something and it suddenly stops, it's hard. On top of that, when you're circumstances force you to do something which you hate, it's worse.


So the thing is, right now, whenever these kinds of thoughts(feelings or phases of emptiness, helplessness, worthlessness, anxiety attacks, etc. ) come to me, it comes in stages, like, slowly. Not all at once. Sometimes it does happen and that's overwhelming. Those times, I can't help but cry it all out. But the other times, I've learned to recognize these feelings in the initial stage and divert myself to rather productive things like working on myself, be it actual work work or exercising, or even music.

The thing is, it's a straight road to the mental issues but there does exist a small turn to divert yourself into better alternatives and the turn often goes unnoticed. You've to recognize that turn. Learn exactly where it is on that road and take it.

I have been extremely fortunate to help myself out in most situations like these and at the same time also have very precious friends who empathize with me. But is my advice would be to find your way out because no one is going to do for with you. Except, if one needs help, definitely approaching the professionals must help.




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Now, the reason I initiated Musqaan is that we all know and have made several attempts to get help, diagnose ourselves through searches like, "How to deal with depression, Am I in depression? How to get help for mental health, How to check mental health, depression symptoms, why am I crying for no reason, why am I not able to Sleep, How to improve mental health, How to help someone in depression, Am I depressed or lazy, am I faking depression?" On the dark side, some of us have even made several suicide attempts or at least thought about it. Experienced extreme helplessness, worthlessness, anxiety attacks, and quite frankly, it sucks to be on that side.

So this is a soon to become a full-fledged community of future qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, people who are already an expert in the domain and we are here to connect you with them, for you to get help easily and free (for those who come from economically poor backgrounds). I, personally have been through this phase and I wished I could get help, wished I had someone to help me get through it, wished I never experienced that kind of trouble, unhappiness, worry, depression. I wished I had access to professionals and help me figure out the way, define anxiety, the actual meaning of overthinking, depression, physical symptoms of anxiety, medications for mental health issues, and various other things.

I wished. You don't have to.

I've constantly been working on making a network of psychotherapists who are willing to contribute to the betterment of mental health, of your mental health.
These are the amazing people who have willingly stepped up for the change I want to see in the world.

We don't stop right there!

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I'll tell you.

This online shopping store is nothing like all the other clothing stores out there. What we have here is a clothing line specially dedicated to mental health issues and unique new designs that cannot be found anywhere as you scroll through your phone. Almost every design is on a black T-shirt. And the best part would be, that it's Made in India, and for India.

So there it is! An Indian online shopping website dedicated to Mental Health.
It's honestly the best thing that could have happened to you in a while!