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These are our interns' responses when asked their views about this Organization. This is our Golden Circle and why you should join the organization to contribute.


What is Musqaan? 
Musqaan is a community that is working to bring the needed change in the mental health sector. Don't be confused, it is not a ngo directly providing solutions to your mental health issues but it is a social enterprise that is helping with creative ways to make you know that mental health matters and we need to speak and be vocal about it. It is a people drive community, it is a platform. It is a creative ecosystem that is connecting creativity to work towards change. So though it is a clothing brand but mental health is how we identify it. Musqaan is our muskaan, the much need smile.
Why is Musqaan?
Every startup has a personal experience attached to make it start. It is a solution to a problem! So the founder has been someone who had faced something in life that made him realize mental health solutions are needed and that is when Musqaan was established. To be Musqaan is not just an organization to work with, it is an emotion that has no words to describe. I intend to be a human with purpose and with the aim I want to be the changemaker, helping changes happen. And one of the best experiences is joining Musqaan to be able to figure out my own emotional needs. I joined for mental health is something close to me, I joined for startups are what I wish to support and I joined with a hope for a better new me and the world.
What is the relevance of Musqaan in today's world according to you?
Relevance is the concept of one topic being connected to another topic in a way that makes it useful to consider the second topic when considering the first. Organizations like Musqaan have a lot when it comes to relevance. Understanding the why and how of the world end up in who. The greatest form of intimacy has always been to be able to understand what is unsaid and mental health is one thing we all have by ages neglected. To be able to bring any other change, we all need to understand that mental health is first! And that is in itself the answer to relevance.
What impact do YOU want to have on the world/ society through Musqaan as a platform/organization? 
We always think about what kind of change we'd want to see around us in the people or the quality of the place. When I talk about you wanting to have an impact, I want you to refer to that change and how you can have your impact/contribute to that impact through the organization. Also, when you write about it, also mention how exactly do you plan to achieve it and HOW CAN WE HELP. 
Only only want to create a society where humans are heard, they are free to speak without thought, they are free of judgements. I only want to make an impact by making humans realize how you feel is more important than what the world thinks. Impact through me will be only when the other person is vocal about what is acceptable and what's not. I only and only want Musqaan to be ever-existing, to be ever-growing, and me the one changemaker saying hey yes I am one from the Musqaan, spreading muskan. To be able to achieve one big question and there is no fixed path to it. But I want to try and spread that communities like these exist and we are now a generation who has the power to think differently.
About Nikita Singh;
"Be the change, to see the change" is what you know her by. Nikita Singh is a young changemaker. A graduate in English literature from the University of Delhi, she has a pg diploma in women studies and a master's degree in English from St Bede's College Shimla. She is a blogger, writer, artist, and much more. From authoring and writing for more than 25 anthologies, she is the author of Shades of Humanity which nominated her as the best author of the year 2021. Working towards society is all she does and here she is writing stories, experiences and creating smiles at Musqaan.

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