Aasiya Khan - Graphic Designer Profile

These are our interns' responses when asked their views about this Organization. This is our Golden Circle and why you should join the organization to contribute.


What is Musqaan? 
An initiative brand that strongly looks forward to providing a helping hand to those in need.
Why is Musqaan?
I believe that Musqaan was established when the fire amongst a few teenagers sparked, envisioning them to start an organization to hand out a helping hand. As for me, I was looking for an internship opportunity, then I came across Musqaan, and really fell in astonishment after learning about their objective. I myself have been looking for therapy, but the atmosphere here at Musqaan never made me feel lonely, interaction with employees on a daily basis is something that I love about being in Musqaan.
What is the relevance of Musqaan in today's world according to you?
Relevance is the concept of one topic being connected to another topic in a way that makes it useful to consider the second topic when considering the first. 
"Be true to yourself" "Do what you love" These lines are easy to say, but are not to put into action. I believe that today's society sincerely wants to lead a happy life, but sometimes lose to the obstructions, these obstacles are mainly mental health-related. Feeling self-isolated, ruins relationships, similar things happen with every mental issue, but if taken good care, and being understood, anyone can overcome such times. This is what I believe should be made common in today's society.
What impact do YOU want to have on the world/ society through Musqaan as a platform/organization? 
Since I want to grow as a designer, all I want is someone to leave a smile at my design, to think for a minute from my perspective, and if someone is actually mesmerized by my work (I know that's asking for too much), I would reach cloud 9.