The feeling of Anxiety


Anxiety, the word in itself gives us the goosebumps that make us ghastly.

Why does nobody talk about it?
Why do people just feel it and keep fighting it?

Many misconceptions have been rumored around as what can and cannot be called as anxiety or some other term. Though it is nothing to be ashamed of, still accepting and getting any sort of acceptance about it feels like a task. While being a part of our current society, where everything is getting so much intolerance and social media leash that it becomes so much a task to prove one's perspective. Sometimes it is even difficult to just survive and sustain ourselves in this maddening place called life. But still, it is difficult to convey.


When not paid attention to, it grows and grows and keeps growing inside you and in the end, it feels difficult to even just breathe. It soon comes to a very problematic state, but still denying it seems to be easy because it's difficult to make others understand what you are feeling. You keep asking people without even actually asking them to get a little attention towards your anxiety.
You feel like your silence will reach them but does it really?
Can’t you just understand the gravity, that we have an issue but to prove it we have to struggle?
It’s funny how now you not only suffer the “feeling” but the struggle to accept it and be heard.

Do you know how you feel at times, or why you react a certain way?
Do you recall a time when you told someone about your state and their solution to your problem was only giving your problems a sophisticated name?

Have you ever been addressed by “Rotlu” or very delusional because the only solution for your pain was rolling down tears?
Or are your problems being framed as a very high issue, “Ameero ki bimari” because you screaming in your pillow every night doesn’t justify your situation? All these are some of the terms our so-called “friends” quote us. Sometimes it even gets out of hand, because the sufferers have already learned to go and see beyond them.

The only answer to it can be to ignore it because they will get deeper and deeper. The people must have to normalize it to get accreditation of it to the society.

On the part of an anxiety holder, just do not get carried away. Don’t ignore the behavior of yours. What if it is a bell notification for some extra care with no judgments. To mark anxiety and feeling low, in a bifurcation line, just start by normalizing it. You being in this world is a privilege, so let it shower through everyone in terms of how polite you are, how interested you are in what they want to say, or what precisely they need at that perfect moment. Just indulge in positive and deep conversations with your peers. Though it will not be a big expense for you, still it would be for someone, who is suffering. Just let your heart get to know people much better. Since they are also not that bad, in terms of what they really are or what they are perceiving them to be!

Be in that boat a little longer, and have faith you will not drown!

It's just a lesson life's teaching you to grow more mature each day.